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Keep Your Spirit of Travel with Conejo Valley

Posted on May 7, 2020 by Conejo Valley

When times are uncertain, the only certainty is the spirit of travel will stay resilient.

This May, we’re honoring that spirit by celebrating California Tourism Month and joining National Travel and Tourism Week May 3-9. We invite you to keep dreaming big with us about your next adventure because your dreams allow our local communities to dream too.

When travelers get pampered in Conejo Valley hotels, indulge in the local dining scene and enjoy a little retail therapy, they’re supporting Conejo Valley in a big way. Taxes generated from the tourism industry support emergency response efforts, crisis recovery and other infrastructure projects. If tourism is important in the good times, during a crisis it is vital.

We know the time when you’ll get to see another side of Southern California will come again soon. For now, we’re here to bring you heartwarming stories, inspiration and a beautiful distraction.

Look at this million-dollar view that awaits at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum campus.

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Or this breathtaking photo-op on-site under the belly of Air Force One.

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Mesmerizing arrangements at the Gardens of the World makes us feel like we’ve traveled all over the world while staying in one place.

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Or traveled in time to eat at The Old Place.

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We can’t forget about the cute yoga classmates you can encounter at Lavenderwood Farm Goat Yoga.

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Sunny California vibes meet stunning mountain landscapes on our hiking trails.

All of this and more will be here to welcome you back and help you make lasting memories when we can travel again and when you’re ready. For now, let’s come together to protect and support the spirit of travel.

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