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Which Kind of Traveler Are You?

Welcome to Another Side of Southern California

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Conejo Valley is filled with possibilities – gorgeous views, exciting mountains and trails, interesting culture and history.

What to do all depends on you. Do you want to relax and take it all in, adventure in nature, or soak up all the art and history you can?

Which kind of traveler are you?

Take the quiz to uncover the best activities, restaurants and points of interest suited best for you.

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You’re planning your afternoon, what’s on the agenda?

The sun is shining and it’s a perfect Southern California day. Where are you headed first?

Which outdoor adventure feels like the best fit for you?

When you’re in vacation mode, what best describes your mood?

It’s time to take a break from activities and refuel. Where to next?

What Kind of Traveler Are You?
Relaxing Champion

You won’t pack any worries for this trip. It’s all about relaxing and going at your own pace as you take in the views and soak up each experience. Great food, a good spa, maybe a hike to a gorgeous view and time by the pool is all you need.
Adventure Seeker

You’re all in for adventure. Made for mountains and vistas and any new experience along the way, you’re at your happiest when you’re on the move. Hiking, biking, climbing or practicing your swing are all agenda-worthy activities. With fantastic restaurants in between, this makes up your ideal vacation.
Culture Connoisseur

You thrive on inspiring art, great history and live performances. A theater or museum is your soul’s happy place, which is why new experiences intrigue you. You love learning new things, gaining new perspectives and making new discoveries. Add in an afternoon to shop for new treasures with time to enjoy a fantastic meal, and your vacation is pretty much perfect.

Three Ways to Explore Conejo Valley

Itinerary Spotlight

Relax Away the Day

Take in the views with your favorite sip, enjoy a spa day or lounge by the pool at your own pace.

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Seize Your Adventure

Head for the mountains, take in the trails and fill your day with exploration.

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Culture Connoisseur

Get inspired by Conejo Valley art, absorb local history and feel the thrill of live performances.

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See a Show, Find a Festival and More

Discover the Awe That Awaits in Conejo Valley
Nobody does entertainment like Southern California. In Conejo Valley, there's always something new to experience, from visits by icons in entertainment year-round to Conejo Valley Days in the summer or Reyes Adobe Days in the fall. Don't miss a moment.

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Take Time to Take It All In

With so much to discover, be sure to give yourself all the time you need at one of Conejo Valley’s 15 hotels.

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