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Plan Your Vacay Today to Conejo Valley

Posted on January 18, 2022 by Claire Marcus

You need a vacation. Now’s the time to plan your 2023 vacations as we celebrate National #PlanForVacationDay on January 31.  Last year, only one-quarter of Americans used ALL of their earned time off according to the US Travel Association. Don’t be in that crowd. Vacay it up in Conejo Valley, an easy 45-minute drive from Los Angeles. Let us show you how. 

Photo Credit: @MouthfulEatery

Travel for Your Taste Buds 

Take your palate to its happy place in Conejo Valley. Sip and savor your way through our many local wineries including family-owned and operated, Alma Sol and Giessinger Winery that features French wines like Malbec, Petite Sirah, Grenache and Carignan wines.  

If craft brews are more your style, then we highly recommend you stop by Tavern Tomoko and Ladyface Brewery. It began right here and has expanded to offer Japanese menu items ,European country-style dishes along with seasonal produce.  

Grab an exotic bite at the divine Peruvian restaurant, Mouthful Eatery, and then enjoy an afternoon at Gardens of the World where you can experience gardens from France, Japan, Italy and England. The gardens offer free admission, as well as group tours (just make sure to book 72 hours in advance for the latter).  

For more tasty ideas, take a look at our 2-day foodie itinerary in Conejo Valley. 

Take a Breath of Fresh Air in the Great Outdoors 

Head out early for a scenic hike along more than 140 miles of trails that lead to mountaintop views, waterfalls and the California coastline, all right here in Conejo Valley. Many trails also welcome mountain bikers and horseback riders for those seeking even more adventure. 

 Conejo Valley also has some serious golf game. There are several pristine golf courses where you can take lessons, practice at a driving range or head out for a full round. 

If you’d like to shop at a more relaxing pace, then head over to Janss Marketplace. The outdoor mall helps you getting a little retail therapy while enjoying the fresh air.  

Take a peek at our 2-day outdoors itinerary for even more ideas. 

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Retreat for a Wedding Weekend 

Southern California is a popular wedding locale and makes for a great destination to celebrate beyond the event. It’s also a fun place to relax for a romantic getaway or family vacay. 

If it turns out that more than just the bride and groom could use a little pampering, then declare a spa day. Treat yourself to facials at Me Spa.

Grab a delicious meal at Paul Martin’s American Grill for truly mouth-watering cuisine everyone will love. Then catch the sunset at the picturesque Conejo Valley Botanic Gardens to relax at the end of your day. 

For more ideas, check out 2-day post-wedding itinerary 

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Vacay Away the Day in Conejo Valley 

With beauty like this, you can’t help but feel relaxed here. Just 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles, it’s the perfect way to see another side of Southern California without the crowds. Come see for yourself! We’ll see you soon. 

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