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Longevity Coffee

The World’s Healthiest Coffee!

Certified Organic •

Conventional coffee is one of the most pesticide-ladden crops in the world, which is why we ONLY use certified organic beans.

Lowest Chlorogenic Acid •

CA is responsible for the bitterness of coffee, as well as indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux. An average cup of coffee has 5-6 mg/mL of CA. We measure as low as 0.017 mg/mL!

Toxic Free •

All our coffee beans are hand-picked, hand-sorted, wash-processed and roasted via our proprietary method to destroy all possible toxins.

 Beyond Fair Trade

Our Arabica beans are cultivated on small, family farms in high altitude areas with rich soil and clean, natural water sources.

• Freshly Roasted

Our unique roaster took over 5 years to conceive of, design, and construct. There is no other roaster like it in the world and it uses 85% less energy than a comparable sized roaster.

• Delicious Flavors

Longevity Coffee’s premium beans work synergistically with our one-of-a-kind roaster to produce the most nutritious and delicious coffees on the planet!

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Thousand Oaks, California
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