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Harmony Family Bunny Yoga

Bunny Yoga

Have you heard the buzz about Yoga with Furry Friends? 

Goat Yoga is just the beginning when it comes to stress release and benefits of our mental health.  Check out our new furry friends and enjoy the benefits of yoga while spending time with adorable rabbits.

These sessions are perfect for those that are new to yoga to shake off their nerves to try, and great for anyone who simply want the chance to play with some cute bunnies in a fun way! We welcome kids of all ages and yogis of all levels to join and meet our new rabbit friends!

Yoga with Bunnies

Connecting with animals is a wonderful way to relax and heal naturally. Bunny Yoga combines the yoga benefits while you interact with some of nature’s most adorable creatures that are gentle on your body and mind.

Come visit the Harmony Family Outdoor Yoga Garden and connect with your inner-self in a zen setting. Meet five Holland Lop Bunnies and a Flemish Giant Rabbit. Achieve greater wellness with families as you focus on developing inner strength, balance, and calm breathing, while creating closer bonds with each other and nature.

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