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Pompeii: The Exhibition at the Reagan Library

Closes April 21st, 2019 View Website

On August 24, 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted, leaving the Roman City of Pompeii destroyed under 15 feet of ash and volcanic debris. The ash acted as a preservative, leaving the city of Pompeii, and all that resided within it, intact.

2000 years later, the city was unearthed.

Pompeii: The Exhibition, open now through April 21, 2019, showcases over 150 authentic artifacts from the ruins of Pompeii – some never before seen in the United States – on loan from the renowned Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy. These are not replicas, but rather original, 2,000-year-old objects that were preserved in the ash. These artifacts include wall-sized frescos, marble and bronze sculptures, jewelry, ancient Roman coins, and so much more.

A simulated 4-D Eruption Theater experience allows visitors to experience the devastating impact Mount Vesuvius had on Pompeii, culminating in the reveal of full body casts of twisted human and animal forms, asphyxiated by extreme heat and noxious gases, eerily preserved in their final moments.

40 Presidential Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93065

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