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Spy: The Secret World of Espionage Exhibit

May 22, 2020 View Website

The FBI Exhibit
From Al Capone to Al Qaeda at
the Ronald Reagan Presidential
Library and Museum
May 22 – October 18, 2020

This new, 10,500 square foot exhibition at the Reagan Library will showcase the FBI to the American public – from the FBI’s origins, to their top cases, to how you can become an FBI agent, to how the FBI is portrayed in Hollywood movies and television shows.

This is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that you and your group do not want to miss! Experience history through the eyes of an FBI agent!

The exhibition will include:

The FBI’s Beginnings – Why they were created, what makes them different from other federal agencies, and how they’ve changed over the years.  Artifacts will include items from J. Edgar Hoover’s (the first Director of the FBI) office and estate.

The Making of an Agent – What are the requirements to becoming an agent? What training do agents go through?  In this gallery, guests will participate in a handful of interactives, including an abbreviated FBI qualification course.

The FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted Lists – How they originated and what they’ve accomplished for the FBI.

Major Cases – This gallery will showcase the stories – and artifacts – from some of the FBI’s top cases, including Al Capone, John Dillinger, the Beltway Snipers, the Mafia, the Unabomber and 9/11.  Artifacts on display include Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-ridden car, John Dillinger’s death mask, Donnie Brasco’s undercover documents, trial evidence from the Beltway sniper case and the Unabomber case, and the raft and paddle used in the Alcatraz escape. Artifacts will also cover the Patty Hearst kidnapping, Watergate and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Lesser-Known Activities – This gallery will focus on some of the FBI’s lesser known activities such as DVD piracy, art theft and counterfeiting crimes. Artifacts will include items from Civil Rights and Hate Crimes such as Mississippi Burning, items from the 1996 Olympic bombing, World War II homeland security items and more.

The Changing Face of the FBI – This gallery will look at how the FBI has changed over the years.  A FBI lab set-up will showcase their technological advancements and artifacts will include items from the 9/11 and 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

FBI in Flm and Pop Culture – Now that visitors have learned about the real FBI, they will be able to reevaluate what they’ve learned about the FBI from film and pop culture.  See props, poster and costumes from shows like Bones, X-Files and The Americans.

Wall of Honor – A memorial to the FBI agents who have been killed in the line of duty will close out the exhibit.

40 Presidential Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93065

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