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What a Year 2016 Has Been!

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on what 2016 has brought us; and what a year it has been! From big NFL moves and Hollywood hit shows, to fluffy wild kittens and virtual pocket monsters, Conejo Valley has been home to a slew of fun and new happenings this past year. Take some time with us to remember the big ones!

Filming of WestWorld at Paramount Ranch
You may have heard of a little show called WestWorld on HBO? Well, some of the scenes from the show are filmed right here in Conejo Valley! The center of the maze is right there for you to check out any time you feel like strolling through. Paramount Ranch is open to hikers or anyone who wants to take a look, and you may even stumble on a show or movie being filmed. Click here to compare WestWorld scenes to real life spots at Paramount Ranch.

Amgen Tour of California
Thousand Oaks was host to Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California in May, and what a rush it was to see the athletes racing through! This was the fifth time the 800-mile tour returned to Thousand Oaks. The riders rolled on from Conejo Valley to Santa Barbara on arguably one of the most scenic stages (though we may be a little biased).

Oakheart Country Music Festival
We love country music, and that’s why we are so happy to have to Oakheart Country Music Festival return year after year. Since 2012, the music festival has been bringing big names like Rodney Atkins, Chase Bryant and Josh Thompson to Conejo Valley.

Pokémon GO Explosion
If you missed the Pokémon GO boom mid-year, then you missed out on one of the biggest happenings of 2016! We definitely got into the 90’s pocket monster resurgence and were walking our ways around Conejo Valley to find some rare – and not-so-rare – Pokémon at our favorite local places. What was the coolest one you caught around town?

Baby Mountain Lions Arrive
Brand new baby mountain lions were born this year in the Santa Monica National Recreation Area. What more is there to say? Baby. Mountain. Lions!

LA Rams Training Facility
The Rams made the big move from St. Louis to Los Angeles, and now we get to hang out with the guys every day! Okay, not really; but they did move their training facility to Cal Lutheran University and their headquarters to Agoura Hills. Pretty cool, right?!

PGA Tour Champions
We finished out the year by watching the pros show us what they’ve got at the PGA Tour Champions Tour at Sherwood Country Club. John Daly didn’t throw any clubs at this one, but it was still a great three days full of nail biting excitement, with with Tom Pernice Jr. ultimately taking home the trophy!

If 2016 wasn’t your year, don’t worry about it. You have all of 2017 to make it a good one with us in Conejo Valley! Use our online tools to plan an adventure unlike any other. Find the best bars, restaurants, trails, sights and more by clicking here.

Did You Know WestWorld Was Filmed in Conejo Valley?

You may not be able to travel to HBO’s WestWorld, but you can see the center of the maze in real life right here in Conejo Valley.

SPOILER ALERT! For years, Paramount Ranch has been a movie set for well-known productions. This area has been the filming location for the television shows Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Hulu’s Quickdraw as well as the movies Caught in the Draft (Bob Hope) and The Lake House (Sandra Bullock). Most recently it has served as the Wild West where Maeve struts her stuff and plots her revenge, as well as the center of the maze where Dolores seeks to find the truth.

Check out the video below to see the most famous scenes from HBO’s WestWorld shot at Paramount Ranch and keep your eye out for our scenic “movie ranch” during the season finale.

After the series writers tie up some loose ends and open a million more on Sunday, December 4th, come visit Conejo Valley and see the set for yourself and, hey, maybe you’ll even find Arnold here waiting for you.

Located less than 30 minutes from Malibu and 45 minutes from L.A., the Conejo Valley offers all of the fun yet none of the crowding of nearby destinations. Catch some relaxation at a hotel in Conejo.